Projects 2008

Limn File - Banal Peepshow Obsession Team, Underbelly Festival (Public Arts Lab). Carriageworks, Redfern.

Limn File is the brain child of artists Melissa Laing, and Michele Zarro. Limn File profiles Laing's interest in liminal spaces within the transit zone and Zarro's focus on installation art, that explores the materiality of everyday objects. Together, they conceptualized the Banal Peepshow Obsession Performance, which was accepted for the Underbelly Public Arts Festival, recently held at Carriageworks in Redfern. To record and extend their original vision of the performance they asked me to contribute an installation video, and to record the process and live performance. These videos were uploaded onto the ABC's Pool of Creative Commons, which is a collaborative effort supported by ABC Radio National, UTS, RMIT, and The University of Wollongong. The Underbelly producers nominated this site to showcase the performances and art during the festival.  The performance | Pool


The Limn File Project.

Emergency Exit Series: # 1 Patient Down, Featuring actor Melinda Shackman.

The Emergency Exit Series is a series of High Definition Videos, that responds to my experience of conducting my PhD research The Aesthetics for Visual Arst in Hospitals.

This dark, and subversive depiction of the hospital experience highlights the stress and tension within the body of patients. Actor Melinda Shackman plays a variety of roles within the project.


Patient Down.

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