Aesthetics for Visual Arts in Hospitals - PhD, University of Sydney, 2009

Aesthetics for visual arts in hospitals was based on a comparative case study between Wyong and Balmain Hospitals to produce a reflective and empathetic response to elderly out-patients in waiting - as a mode to investigate the potential of visual arts in hospitals.

The research explored the effectiveness of existing public art in hospitals, and from the research data I produce a series of digital images that reflected the art preference of elderly patients and their family members. This case study applied of mix of qualitative and quantitative research analysis to determine whether the quality and subject matter of imagery could alleviate, the pain, anxiety, and boredom of waiting. The outcomes from this investigation addressed the significance of art and health, the historical relevance of landscape imagery and aesthetics to highlight the issues surrounding the quality and intention of artworks situated in hospitals.

Research Publications

Aesthetics for Art in Hospitals. The Australian Family Physician Journal 2008

Public Art in Hospitals -International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. cgpublishing 2007

Aesthetics for Visual Arts in Hospitals